The brand new matched estimate on the testing between J2-step 1 and K1-8 are the greatest total (0

The brand new matched estimate on the testing between J2-step 1 and K1-8 are the greatest total (0

Desk cuatro Pairwise D

Pairwise comparison of Dest among V. destructor variants infesting A. cerana and A. mellifera colonies revealed significant differences after correction for multiple comparisons (Table 4). The Dest values among V. destructor K variants infesting A. cerana were moderate to high, ranging between 0.18 and 0.63. The estimates among V. destructor K and C variants infesting A. cerana and the variant infesting A. mellifera were higher overall, ranging between 0.60 and 0.89. J2-1 showed the highest pairwise Dest values when combined with most variants. 91).

est analysis among V. destructor variants infesting A. mellifera and A. cerana colonies. Cell background color from blue to red correlates with increasing Dest estimate values. *** P < 0.001

Varroa destructor breeding

Mites built-up out of A great. cerana about Hangzhou area and you can utilized experimentally so you can infest worker and you may drone brood muscle out of one another host kinds belonged in order to variations K1-1/2, K1-3, K1-5, K1-6, and you may K1-eight. The latest estimated level of variants of this type was seven, having good 95% depend on period out of (6.step one, 19.6) with the a couple richness estimators determined (to own info, look for Dining table S8). Many foundresses was fertile (81–100%, indicate ± s.d = ninety five.step 1 ± eight.8%) when apply A good. cerana drone brood, but just a 3rd of these hit reproductive triumph (i.elizabeth., brought a minumum of one mated child) (Fig. 6). Singular away from 100 and two from 119 reproduced into the other brood designs, we.elizabeth., to the personnel brood out of A beneficial. cerana and you can An effective. mellifera, correspondingly. One among them three mites produced a viable child (Fig. 6a). The latest haplotype of those three somebody try recognized as K1-1/2, and you can microsatellite studies showed that this type of mites belonged toward intrusive mite inhabitants infesting An effective. mellifera (Figs. 4, 5).

Percentage of Varroa destructor foundress mites in place of along with reproductive profits once fresh infestation out of a member of staff and you will b drone brood of Apis cerana and you may Apis mellifera. The initial machine species of mites compiled to possess fresh infestation and you may the server varieties experimentally plagued was shown left away from the taverns. Amount of people and you will territories infested is expressed to the right

More mites (58–84%, indicate ± s.d = 68.6 ± a dozen.2%) compiled from inside the A beneficial. mellifera territories was indeed fertile when placed on brood off both host species and you may both sexes, which have ranging from twenty-five and 40% reaching reproductive success (Fig. 6). A few mites collected out-of Good. mellifera had been recognized as K1-5 variations (Figs. cuatro, 5). These mites failed to replicate (Fig. 6a). The five mites used in a keen atypical host had been omitted regarding the brand new dataset having modeling reproductive success.

Absence rather than density regarding reproductive victory are best modeled whenever and the factors of your brand spanking new machine variety and host variety to the which the mites have been experimentally delivered. Both things influenced reproductive failure rather (Table S9). In the event that telecommunications ranging from such points was sensed, this new reproductive popularity of An excellent. cerana mites is actually less repeated when infesting both machines opposed to help you Good. mellifera mites (Dining table S9). The probability of successful reproduction out-of A good. mellifera mites are straight down with the A. mellifera than just to your brand-new server, Good. cerana. Inside the Good. cerana mites, achievements was unlikely into A great. mellifera servers than just towards the A. cerana hosts. With regards to simply cases where reproductive profits try attained (by mites originating from An effective. mellifera in most kinds of brood and by An effective. cerana mites inside the An effective. cerana drone brood), the brand new proportion out of foundresses being successful is better modeled by basis out of server variety plagued. A notably higher proportion off mites achieved success inside A good. mellifera servers than the A great. cerana computers.

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